Streets of Cape May Watercolor Series


Latest Panoramas
washington street at jefferson
"Washington Street at Jefferson"
Original Art - 86 x 17½ - Canvas 71 x 14⅓ - Paper Prints 56 x 11⅓ and 36 x 7¼
the whale watcher
"The Whale Watcher"
Original Art - 86 x 17½ - Canvas 71 x 14⅓ - Paper Prints 56 x 11⅓ and 36 x 7¼
Christmas Lights at Rotary Park
"Christmas Lights at Rotary Park"
Original Art - 72¾ x 15½ - Canvas 71 x 15¼ - Paper ¾Prints 56 x 12 and 36 x 7


About the Streets of Cape May™ watercolor series 

It starts with a bicycle. That's what I say when people ask how I embark upon the creation of each panorama in my watercolor series, "Streets of Cape May™". Of course you must add a camera to the equation along with a great passion for the architectural splendor of such a place.

As I ride around the historic streets of this wonderful seaside town I wait for a distinct tingling feeling in my fingers and toes. This lets me know that something special has come into view. It isn't just a particular building or street, but rather the exact vantage point that creates a dynamic composition displaying all of the buildings collectively at their most glorious.

When I first came to Cape May my intention was to paint individual B&B's and other historic architecture. But after reviewing my reference photos they all left me with the feeling that something was lacking. I was longing to see all of the buildings at once; the exact sights I had encountered while walking or driving down the various streets.

I think of each historic, colorful structure in Cape May as a precious gem, brilliant and exceptional in itself. What I do with my paintings is string all of these jewels together in order to make a stunning necklace. I feel this is how all architectural gems of this nature should be depicted; together as a group, the way they were meant to be seen.

I have been inspired toward a lifelong mission to continue painting new and exciting visions of the Cape May streets, making them available in prints and posters to enthusiastic locals and tourists alike. Providing a real memory of how magnificent a town can really be.

My feelings for the architecture of Cape May can be summed up in a single conversation that I had with one of my collectors. He commented to me that his friends often refer to one of my panoramas asking, "Is that a real place"? I laughed and said,  "Tell them it's Cape May, New Jersey; a real place from a place in time".

Lisa Crugnola

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